ProSep, Ltd.

ProSep's Compatible Replacement Cartridges


Cost-effective cartridges that are designed to be compatible with Barnstead, Millipore, EDC, IWT/US Filter and other water purification systems.

Cartridge Catalog


To view our cartridge catalog, chose one of the following two options.

1.  If you have the competitor's part number (Ametek®, Barnstead®Continental®, EDC, Illinois    

     Water Treatment, Millipore®, US Filter), click on the appropriate link above.

2.  If you have ProSep's part number, click on the ProSep P/N link above.

Our cartridges are packaged as follows:
1.  All of our cartridges and cartridge kits are available individually.

2.  Ametek® and Continental® cartridges are also available in 2-packs and 4-packs, which is 

     noted in the cartridge description.
3.  Barnstead®, EDC, IWT/US Filter, Millipore® and Purolite® are also available
Please note that the competitor's part number is in red lettering; ProSep's part number is in blue lettering.

Ordering Instructions


To order cartridges, use one of the following three options:
1. Click on the link for and place your order by e-mail.
2. Call 815-623-7630 and place your order.
3. Fax your order to 815-623-7336.



Please note that all orders will be shipped UPS Ground PP&A unless instructed to ship differently.